Weatherbored? now close to release

I think I've figured out just about everything there is to know about working with eBooks. The past couple of months have tested me a little, just as learning about any new thing from scratch has a tendency to do. Especially in a case such as this where every aspect of the learning is self directed, so if I say there's a way I've done something and the reader recognises a different way of doing things (ie: the 'correct way') please do let me know. Here's an example of something silly that needs to be addressed: duplicating the cover page so that returning to the first page of the book in iBooks actually takes you to a version of the cover instead of to the front matter. Agricultural... The one thing that remains to be done, prior to testing and release, is understanding how contents work so that the completed ePub can be navigated logically. Should be done on Saturday.