Do you have a bespoke project you would like a professional photographer to work on with you? Scanning and retouching/restoring of vintage prints from a treasured personal collection perhaps? A photography project that uses an unusual or more traditional approach to the medium? I work primarily with analogue sources across a variety of photographic devices including 35mm cameras, medium format, large format and cameraless techniques. I also produce cyanotypes and employ other archaic approaches. For any and all enquiries, and there isn't one too small as the old saying goes, I can be contacted at - in the meantime, I hope you enjoy exploring the work featured among these humble pages. New work is being developed all the time.


Some work is available for sale. The botanical series of which the above is an example will soon be released and will be available as a direct order from this very site. For items that don't indicate availability, either they are not for sale or the 'means of production' are currently being established. Please contact me directly to make enquiries. Darkroom and pigment prints are both possibilities, depending on the nature of the project.


Here's a link to a thing I just wrote about one of my photographs for the Large Format Photography Australia Blog.


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